Warranty & Returns

Limited 30 Day Warranty Coverage: 
  • The limited warranty only covers devices against malfunctions.
  • Malfunctions include but are not limited to: charging issues, ghosting, no touch ID, overheating, crashing, audio output, lock button issues, sticky buttons, and connectivity problems.
  • Any malfunctions will be listed under "Damages" in the grading scale of each device.
  • Batteries are not covered under our limited warranty.
    • This is a user depleted part.
    • Westway Cellular tests all batteries at the time of refurbishing.
  • Power IC and Touch IC are only covered 3 days after arrival of the devices.
  • Cosmetic grading discrepancies must be opened within 3 days of arrival with pictures of said discrepancies.
Warranty Duration:
  • A Grade, B Grade, C Grade Devices come with a 30-day warranty on all devices against malfunctions. This is non-negotiable.
  • The 30-day warranty begins when the tracking shows the product was delivered on the buyer's end.
  • Please quality control all devices upon arrival to test if the devices are in the buyer's desired condition.
  • Westway Cellular will examine the problem and decide if it is covered under the limited warranty.
  • Westway Cellular offers no refunds.
  • Exchanges or equivalent store credit for other devices is available.
  • Westway Cellular holds the right to approve or deny any concerns, issues, or returns.
  • Westway Cellular does not cover return shipping on cosmetic discrepancies.
  • All devices returned to Westway Cellular must have iCloud and MDM removed.